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Sharing a little more than just cattle.

Ranching With Purpose

Our ranch was established in 2012, with three registered Red Angus & no fencing. Since then we have moved three times & built miles of fences. Rural living & ranch life is a lifestyle choice. At the end of the day, choosing our hard, brings us the rewards that come with emotional highs & lows, of dirty clothes & sore muscles. Life & death on the farm are real. Herdsmanship, stewardship, leadership & ownership are life lessons. Through compassion, problem solving & teamwork we have become closer as a family. Our ranch kids are confident, capable, responsible & independent. We are so blessed to grow in this way, which is why we are open to sharing our story with you.

Sweet Beginnings


Haying was a dream. Watching the weather, feeling the pressure, smelling the cut grass, tasting summer sweat & kicking up dust. In 2019, we made it a reality. Our first equipment was purchased that year & our very own first bales were made that summer. We expanded the following year into lease pasture. We’d like to grow more either with leases or custom cutting within the community around our town.

AI Days

Currently, we use artificial insemination to ensure diversity & to enhance desirable traits. This allows us to offer better-bred cattle. ABS Rep Bob Shell is our go-to breeder.Once insemination has settled we add the herd bull. AI adds varying genetics, the herd bull does the same & makes sure we have calves the following spring. We’d like to go back to doing this ourselves. In our opinion, it takes a little education & a lot of skill; something to look forward to.


Eatonville, Washington

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