Our Calves

Our Calves

We strive to breed in April for end of January calves. Our calving season sometimes runs into early May. We wean in stages starting in August.

Registered replacements or commercial replacements? You can find your replacement heifers here too. Red Angus females mature early ensuring one more calf than other breeds. Our heifers are usually ready to breed at 14-16 months old. Late March to May heifers are sold for sure, as a great addition to your registered, commercial or backyard herd. They just don’t fit into our breeding program at this young age.

Our bull calves are put on test before we ever sell any. That means they have been parentage verified, they are fed bull feed-ration, weighed, semen tested & have carcass data that meet standards to ensure future offspring when put into your herd. In year’s past we have sold 1 year old bulls through Washington Bull Test in March. We do not sell unproven bull calves.

Steer calves are sold after weaning in late summer. Our list of steer buyers starts early, so email us to get on it. We base our prices off of wean weights & current market value using Toppenish Livestock Commission as our guide.


Eatonville, Washington

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