Our Calves

Our Calves

We try each year for an early spring calving season. Spring calving is defined by Red Angus Association as January 1-June 30. We shoot for breed back the end of April, early May. Our calves are weaned in the October-November timeframe.

Registered replacements or commercial replacements? You can find your replacement heifers here too. Red Angus females mature early ensuring one more calf than other breeds. Our heifers are usually ready to breed at 14-16 months old.

Our bull calves are put on test before we ever sell any. That means they have been parentage verified, they are fed bull feed-ration, weighed, semen tested & have carcass data that meet standards to ensure future offspring when put into your herd.

Each fall you can be sure we’ll have steer calves for sale. Once you buy a steer from us, you can set a date with the butcher for 1 year later.


Eatonville, Washington

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