Registered Red Angus

Pacific Cascade Farms,

Pacific Cascade Red Angus

Serving farmers & ranchers by offering purebred Red Angus cattle with proven & verifiable genetics. You will find quality cattle & improving genetics to fit both registered & commercial operations.

Whether You’re a Beginner or Have an Established Operation

If you wait until you know everything before you start, you’ll never take the first step. If you’ve been at it for a lifetime, there are always steps to take to improve. We are constantly learning & adapting in an effort to provide the best life for our cattle & their future progeny. In an effort to help you understand more & follow our “subject to change” lifestyle, we offer information for you to grow along with us.

Pacific Cascade Farms, LLC

Our start in cattle & eventually our starting a farm, came from our desire to provide our family with a clean & well cared for food source. That began with knowing our animals & knowing what they ate & how they were handled. As first generation cattlemen, we have had help along the way from incredible folks. We are thankful for our cattle friends. We’d like to share the benefits that Red Angus can bring to your family & operation.

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