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After preg checks Thursday we have chosen to keep our calving window to Feb-March calves. Therefore we will be selling a handful of animals that will be calving April/May.

Let me know if there is anything of interest:

  • 5-10 year olds Bred with a calf at the side $2700 each

  • 5-10 year olds Bred no calf $1800 each 

  • 5 total

  • 2-4 year olds Bred with a calf at the side $3100 each 

  • 2-4 year olds Bred no calf $2200

  • 10 total

  • Heifers that are either under 30 days bred or open but with the bull. $2000

  • 5-6 total

  • 2021 calves will be weaned and ready for sell about Labor Day weekend.


C-T Right Kind Bull
C-T Right Kind Bull

We’d like to know more about what your cattle goals are.

We always have something for sale. Located in Eatonville, Washington, we generally calve February-April. We breed April to May. Calves are weaned late October and are for sale then. We don’t typically have steers for sale past November. Please contact us & we’ll take the time to understand how best we can serve you.


Located in

Eatonville, Washington


Eatonville, Washington

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