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We offer PCF bulls for sale at the Washington Bull Test Auction each March.

After two breeding seasons we will always consider selling our herd bull. Decisions must be made in early spring. If you are interested in purchasing our 3-year-old bull, which will already have offspring on the ground you can see, then contact us.

C-T Right Kind Bull

C-T Dominance 7088

Reg #: 3734619 | DOB: 2/6/17

C-T Right Kind Bull

C-T Duke 6122

Reg #: 353520 | DOB: 2/25/2016

C-T Right Kind Bull

Feddes Conquest R98 A278

Reg #: 1607730 | DOB: 3/2/2013

Feddes Sakic X102

Reg #: 1368581 | DOB: 2/20/2010


Eatonville, Washington

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